One of ECRs 1993NAS Defender 110 (#132/500) full restorations out exploring Montana.
For more information on this 110 and others like it, check out the links below.


Check out some of ECR's Defender 110 Projects here!
A great way to view new products and see a sample of what ECR can do for your Defender 110

ECR's Fully restored NAS Defender 110 Wagons
No rust, no corrosion, no flaws. Sick of looking at beat up 110s... we have your answer

Land-Rover Defender 110's and 130's
The ultimate Land-Rovers now available from ECR in any shape or form

Defender Service and Refurbishing

Defender Galvanized Frame Swaps

Really make your Defender last forever!

Defender Automatic Conversions
If a 5 speed won't fit your needs, we can make your Defender an automatic

Defender Air Conditioning
If you are hot, we can cool you down

Defender 110: Basic information on the model
Figure out what is what

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