This page contains photos and information on some of our current projects. These photos are usually well behind our production. Clients use these pages to view the progress of their Land-Rovers being restored by ECR, and we hope you enjoy seeing the process of our restorations and other projects as close to "as it happens" as possible.

ECR has many projects being restored at any given time. These photos show only some of our current work.

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to see the build up images and details.

1997 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon
300 Tdi conversion and much more!
97 D90 SW

1993 Defender 110 Station Wagon
Full restoration and upgrade
NAS D110

1993 Defender 110 Station Wagon #342/500
Roll over repair and Upgrades

NAS 110 342/500

ECR Service work... Keep in mind that while all these larger Rover projects above are going on in our shop, dozens of Land-Rovers of all shapes and sizes come and go for smaller jobs that we don't post on our project page due to the time it would take to post them and the lack of photos of these smaller jobs. Jobs such as...

1994 Defender 90 Upgrades
Click the image for details
1994 NAS D90

1994 Defender 90 Repairs

This 1994 NAS Defender 90 came to us in need of just a few things. We sold this 90 years ago and it is back for some minor work and updates.

The 1994 D90s didn't have an exterior lock on the tailgate, so that meant you had to crawl around inside the truck to unlock the rear tailgate. So here you can see we have added an exterior locking system like the 1995 and 1997 Defenders had to make this 1994 D90 a little easier to use.

The driving and fog light wiring in this D90 also needed help. They were installed with goofy switches and even worse wiring. Wires were jammed into the fuse box where they had added a larger fuse to carry the load of the lights (a bad idea) and it was generally a mess. The green arrows above show their way of doing it...

This image shows our way of doing it. The switches fit correctly and work great. The power is sourced from a correctly fused location and the fused relays are located under the hood for easy access. We also installed a new ECR ROX stainless exhaust system and did some other small work orders.

Here you can see the completed Defender 90, ready for pick up. Now with working lights and a number of items sorted out correctly.
No job is too big or too little for ECR. As long as it says Land Rover on it, we have you covered!

How many NAS Defender 110s can you find at your local dealer or other service center? At ECR we regularly have at least 10 at any given time, as the owners of these rare and wonderful vehicles know that there is no place like ECR to get these vehicles serviced or modified. Our Defender work stands alone as the best in the USA. We stock a lot of parts for these vehicles that everyone else will tell you are no longer available, but we have them. In this image you can see 3 NAS Defender 110s at ECR. Some are getting routine service, some are getting wild 4.6 engines or 300 Tdi installs. Anything you can image, we can handle.

These are just some examples of the service work we do each day. Most of these smaller projects don't get listed here on the "Projects" page, but we handle all type of Rovers from the 1950s to today, and we do any type of work from general repairs and service to off road upgrades and restorations.
The choice is simple... ECR!

PLUS our standard service work and much more!

Here comes three more!!!

Think those other "budget" or "big name" Land-Rover shops can do what ECR does? Check this "projects" page periodically, and our "refurbished" page. That way you can see the quality of the Rovers ECR rebuilds and modifies for our happy customers (see our "Mail Bag" page to see what our customers have to say about ECR). Our custom built Land-Rovers are the best in North America, and our attention to detail is second to none. Ask the "other guys" to build or modify you a Land-Rover, with all Genuine Land-Rover Parts the way do... even they will tell you they can't even come close.

Thinking about custom work or upgrades for your Rover? Visit ECR, and visit our so called "competitors", you'll see the difference for yourself.

Let us know if we can custom build a Land-Rover for you!

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