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Range Rover Classic
4.6 Pursuit Install

This nicely outfitted Range Rover has come to us from Colorado for a new Generation II Pursuit 4.6 install. The Range Rover is already fitted with lockers, HD axles, Safari Gard bumpers and more, so a new Pursuit 4.6 will give it the punch it needs to climb mountain passes in CO, as well as the needed low end torque required for off roading. In this image you can see the stock 3.9 is being removed and the engine bay readied for the new 4.6.

With the old 3.9 removed we have now transferred the needed bits onto the Pursuit 4.6, seen above. We've also done all the correct items that you would expect with a new motor, tune up parts, oil pump, belts, etc. and we've cleaned everything for a nice and complete install. The engine is now ready to be installed into the Range Rover. At this time we'll also remove the EFI computer and install the upgraded EFI chip so the Rover will know it has 4.6 power under the hood.

This Range Rover has a really great upgrade. The Borg-Warner transfer case has been removed and a low ratio LT230 has been installed. This means that its low range crawl ratio is even better and it could also have an Underdrive fitted if the customer desired. We can remove your Borg Warner in favor of the gear drive LT230 and even fit the crawler if you desire, a great upgrade for off road uses!
ECR didn't do the conversion to this Rover, but it is too cool not to show you.

We also took care of a few other items for the customer while the Rover was here, things like a repair of the Fox Racing shocks and a general once over.
Now completed this Range Rover is ready to head back to Colorado for some off road fun, that will be greatly enhanced by is new Generation II Pursuit 4.6. Let us know if ECR can help your with any of your Rover needs... from transfer cases and suspensions, to engines and tires. We are your source.

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