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The owner took this 1965 SIIA Station Wagon apart and then brought it to ECR He wants this 88 brought back to mint original condition and also wants a number of upgrades and a full color change to Green. He delivered it to us, in pieces, in a Ryder truck. He plans to use is for a trek across Africa in the future.

The frame had already been cleaned and painted, so our first order of business was painting the bulkhead and installing a new 2.25 petrol engine and rebuilding the axles with new brakes and seals. We re-worked the gearbox and then assembled the rolling chassis.

As this 88 is to be near perfect that meant we had to replace one tub side and remove all the trim and hardware for a full factory style color change. Here the restored tub sits on another customers coil chassis waiting to be installed on the original leaf chassis of this 88.

The restoration also includes a new wiring harness (in the original cloth) and a full detail of the engine bay. We also did an alternator conversion, but hid the junction box in the factory voltage regulator for a clean stock look.

With the drive-train installed and tested, we then started on the body assembly. The seat box was repaired and then installed, as well as the floors and rear tub. We also installed sound proofing materials during the build up to make the ride across Africa as pleasant as possible.

Now almost complete this 88 will be ready to take its new owner across Africa on his vintage trek in a "NEW" 1965 Series IIA 88. After full testing we will install the front body panels and then start on the additional expedition equipment.

One of the custom items requested on this 88 was an interior bed system. The bed had to be strong enough for 2 people, but fold easily for access to the storage below when not in use. We designed the bed so that it could be folded up and easily removed with no trace. The front seats fold down and a second section completes the sleeping area.
Notice at this point we have now installed the new headliner and all the rest of the body work.
If you can imagine it... ECR can build it.

Now ready for delivery this fully restored SIIA 88 is ready for anything, and in this case that means a trip from London to Cape Town! If you have Land Rover needs from an oil change to a full expedition ready ECR.
Watch for images from the trip this 88 takes in the future!

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