ECR ROX Defender 90 and 110 LED tail lights:

If you have driven a 1995-1997 NAS Defender 90 for any length of time you have likely comes across a tail light, brake light or turn signal that doesn't work correctly. The electrical connectors in the rear lights take some serious abuse from the dirt, mud and water flung at them from the rear tires and this frequently causes them to stop working. In our own 1995 shop Defender 90 the rear turn signals would always stop working on the coldest and slushiest days in the winter, forcing us to work on the rear lights at the worst possible time. Replacing the parts with new parts works for a time, but another failure is always just a matter of time due to bad bulbs, corroded connectors and muck. For those who off road we call the 1995-1997 rear lights "fish bowls" as they will fill up with water or mud inside and this can cause even more lighting problems.

For those in the sun belt the lamps tend to fade and look old pretty quickly like the faded units on the '95 Defender 90 above from CA.

The good news is that LEDs have come a long way and now we can offer you a long term solution to the tail light issues of the NAS Defenders using fully sealed LED technology that can be installed with NO MODIFICATIONS to your Defender.

The image above shows the rear of a 1997 Defender converted to full LED lamps. As you can see the look is nearly bone stock. The difference is that there are no bulbs to go bad and no bulb base to corrode.

This image shows the back of the LED unit. It is fully sealed and will not trap water or mud inside the lamp housing. You can also see the available factory style connector so that installation is a direct plug in with no modifications. You need only unscrew the 2 screws holding your lamp in place and replace it with the new one. We also offer the LED units without the factory connector for those who want to hard wire the lamp to the rear harness (not a bad way to go considering the connectors can also corrode in harsh environments).

Illuminated the lamps give a nice factory look and they function just like any other lamp.

Stop/Tail, Turn indicator and Reverse LED units are available, as shown above.

The image above shows one of our 1993 NAS Defender 110s converted to the 1995-1997 style LED tail lights.

Here is another image of a 1993 NAS 110 that we have converted to 95-97 style LEDs. Previously this 1995-1997 light conversion was very difficult to do on a 1993 NAS 110, or early 1994 NAS Defender 90 because the roll cage supports were located directly behind the stop/tail lights. The factory 1995-1997 lights were too deep to work correctly and they would hit the roll cage support before they could be fully seated.

Here is a 1994 NAS 90 we converted to LEDs. The LED has no depth problem so they work perfectly with the factory roll cage supports in place on both the 1993 NAS110 and the early 1994 NAS D90. So now you can give your 90 or 110 an updated look with the benefit of LED lamps as well.

Here you can see a 1997 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon with a full set of our Plug and play LED lamps installed. A nice clean factory look as you can see, and better yet, no modifications needed.

LED lamps are available in only the following configurations. To order, give us a call or fax your information to us: (contact info. is here). We take Visa/MC.

1995-1997 NAS Defender 90 Plug and Play Basic kit (Part # LEDPPB) $NLA
Contains 2 Red Stop/Tail units and 2 Amber Turn signal units all with correct factory plugs installed (See image below)

1995-1997 NAS Defender 90 Plug and Play Full kit (Part # LEDPP) $NLA
Contains 2 Red Stop/Tail units, 2 Amber Turn signal units and Clear reverse unit all with correct factory plugs installed (See image below)

"Plug and Play"
means we supply the lamps with the correct connectors already installed so that install is a direct plug in fit.
If you would like units without connectors installed please contact us.

Install notes for all models: To have the LED turn signal indicator units flash at the correct rate you must install a variable load flasher relay. The relay is a direct swap for your stock unit, no modifications are required for install. The LED units are for the rear only, not for front and rear.

Variable load flasher relay (all NAS Defenders)(Part # LEDFLASHER) $NLA
For details on installing the variable load flasher, click here for instructions.

Don't be fooled by cheaper units. The cheaper units are not well sealed and do not have the correct look to them. The Perei units are shown below compared to the superior ROX LED lamps.

ROX LED pattern (above)

Other units pattern (above)

ROX LED unit (above)

Other unit (above)

Keep in mind that the LED tail lamps were sourced by ECR because our customers asked for something better. If you have an issue with your Defender the answer to your problems just might be sitting on the shelf at ECR, and if it isn't, we'll make it and install it for you.
Let us know if we can help you with any of your Defender needs!

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