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1967 Series IIA 88 Soft Top
Full ext. Paint work, upgrade to parabolic springs, interior trim and more

This rust free 88 was one of our staff's vehicles. He recently decided to refurbish the 88 and then sell it. The problem was that the potential customers all wanted something different, a hard top a pick up, or ? So he decided to paint the 88 in its original poppy red, install the new galv. trim and then hand the 88 over to the next owner so that it could be finished up "their way".

First step was that the exterior of the 88 was stripped to bare alloy and then primed with 2 coats of PPG primer, and shot with 3 coats of the correct Poppy Red. The 88 had already been very well kept and has no rust issues of any kind and has only 69,000 original miles. We have already upgraded the 88 to 16" wheels with new Limestone paint and BFG mud terrains, as well as a HD alternator, gas shocks and parabolic springs for better ride and handling as well as done all the needed repairs and service to make the 88 a great driver.

Now out of the paint booth, and with some new galvanized pieces installed, the 88 is really starting to look great. The new owner from MA wants a tan soft top, a new Mansfield heater system and a tail gate as well as all new rubber seals and seat belts.

A little further along and the 88 is really taking shape again.

In this image you can see the new Defender 90 door panels with opening for 6" speakers. The customer will be doing his own stereo install at a later date. You can also see the new hardura trim on the kick panels and the correct hammer rivets that hold on the new door seals (not pop rivets as most places try to get away with). We also updated the door latches to D90 style for ease of locking and anti-burst safety for the passengers.

Here you can see the new Mansfield heater system being installed. With a new upgraded blow motor and heater core, this soft top 88 will be able to heat up the cabin and defrost the windscreen with ease, and that is saying a lot in a soft top 88. Also notice the new Optima battery, a great addition to any Rover.

In this image you can see our quick and easy swing away tailgate set up that we installed on this 88. You don't need to fight with the drop down tailgate on a Series Rover, 2 hinges and a tailgate and you have a NAS D90 style swing away tailgate that makes it easier to load items, easier to get in the back and will never fall and get dented by your hitch.

Here you can see the 88 is almost done. Items left are to install the new sills, the soft top and finish up the Mansfield heater install. The 88 is really coming together and not only looks good, but has been completely gone through to address any mechanical issues, so that when the owner takes delivery, he'll have a great looking and running Rover that won't give him any trouble.

The interior of the Rover has been transformed as well. The new door panels (ready for the customer to install his stereo of choice), nice seats and new hardura trim all make the inside of this 88 look great.

The new factory soft top and side sills installed make this refurbished Rover look almost as good as a restoration.

Here you can see the finished product, a very nicely refurbished Series IIA 88", ready for transport to the new owner in MA. With updates such as a new more powerful heater, seat belts, anti-burst door latches and cosmetic items such as upgraded door panels, new galvanized trim and all new seals, plus new Poppy Red paint, this 88 looks great, and even better runs great because it was completely sorted out by the full time staff of ECR.
If you want your 88 to look this good, or would like us to build you one just like it. Be sure to call, fax or email us. We'll be happy to help in any way we can.

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