Series IIA 88 Hard top

This 88 has come all the way from Alaska for ECR to do a full mechanicalrestoration, and refurbish of the paint and body, options will include everythingfrom a rear ARB air locker to high back seats, rock sliders (Bear Bars)to Defender style wheel flares. Humble beginings to be sure, but a goodplace to start.

Here you can see that the Rover has been stripped down, the bulkhead hasbeen repaired with new correct panels, the new galv. coil chassis set up,and the new Turner engine and R380 5 speed set up on the rolling chassis.

Here you can see the new Turner 2.25 engine, dual power disc brake system,new radiator support and more in this clean engine bay.

The owner chose Defender style flares, ( you can see the body has been modifiedto accept them) alpine windows and a number of other options for his 88.No problem, here you can see a number of those options already done, andthe windows being installed.

This 88 now has its flares installed along with its newly painted rims,Defender style door tops and more. Still to come are a roof rack, rear ladder,can racks and rock sliders. All custom built by ECR.

This image showas the nearly completed engine bay. Notice the raised airintake, the sound insulation on the hood, Optima battery and more. It alsohas a 92 amp alternator, Mansfield heater and a host of other goodies.

In this photo you can see the start of another ECR custom front winch mountbumper. This one will house the owner's Ramsey winch and new IPF drivinglights.

Shown here nearly complete, this well optioned 88 will be ready for anything.In this image the raised air intake, roof rack, aux. lights and other optionshave been installed.

Now complte this restored 88 is ready for testing and then shipping backto the original owner in Alaska. This handsome Late IIA 88 had the followinginstalled during the rebuild by ECR:
Galv. coil chassis, Turner HO 2.25 engine, R380 5 speed conversion, 4 wheelpower disc brakes, Defender wheel flares, shock drop kit, Rock sliders withside recovery points, raised air intake, galv. full roof rack, rear ladder,rear work lamp, IPF driving lamps, custom front winch mount bumper withrecovery points, all new wiring, 92 amp HD alternator, Mansfield HD heatersystem, Alpine windows including custom rear headliner, new doors, Defenderdoor tops, locking ceneter cubby box with Clarion stereo, Defender interiordoor panels, Rockford-Fosgate speakers, inertia seat belts, sound down kit,aux. cooling fan, high back deluxe seats, full paint job, all new galv.trim, all steel parts replaced, bulkhead restored, lamp guards front andrear, ARB air locker in the rear... and much much more.
Not bad from rusty, humble beginings! (see the before photo above)
Let us know if we can turn your Rover back into a top of the line machine!
From rusty 88 to a top of the line coil 88, or just an oil change... ECRis your source.

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