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1995 Defender 90 Station Wagon
Multiple upgrades were done on this Defender.

This lucky Defender from New York gets everything from ARB air lockers front and rear, Bear Bars, Pursuit hi torque 4.6 Rover V8, re-chip the fuel injection computer for correct fuel delivery settings, Defender doors with removable door tops, Old Man Emu suspension, Safari Gard shock drop kit and more! The ultimate D90.

Work begins with removal of the 3.9 Rover V8 (only 182 horsepower) in favor of the Pursuit 4.6 V8 (massive 275 horsepower!).

This photo shows the new Defender 90 soft top style doors that the owner requested as well as our Bear Bars (rock sliders) with recovery points, painted and installed.

The new Stage III 4.6 V8 doesn't look much different, but it sure acts different! From the stock output of 182 hp we have gone to roughly 275 hp. 0-60 times with the stock 30,000 mile 3.9 V8 were 12.8 seconds. The 0-60 times with the new Pursuit 4.6 and custom EFI computer chip were an astounding 7.78 seconds! The best part is it is still at home off road, or on the street. There is no down side to the 4.6!

The owner of the D90 wanted to keep his side steps for street use, but wanted to remove them at a moments notice for off roading. The solution... We built some easy on and off steps. They have a spring clip, so you just pull the handle and push and they come off, or go on, in about 5 seconds. Anything that you need, ECR can build for you.
(Here the step is in place, Step 1)

Here Ian has lifted the handle and removed the step. (Step 2)

Just a few seconds later and the side step has been removed, and you are ready for tough terrain. (Step 3)
We also fabrictaed custom seat risers so the seat slides back further for more leg room in the 90.

Now finished, this Defender 90 has now been modified by ECR to be exactly what the owner wanted, with the modifications that the factory never installed, the parts his dealer could not supply, and with the modifications the after market companies had never heard of.
For everything from a below 8 second 0-60 Defender 90 to ARB air lockers and custom paint work, call ECR.
Let us know if we can customize your Defender to better fit your needs and desires.