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1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top #791
Repairs and Upgrades

This 1994 NAS Defender 90 has come to us from New Jersey for repairs and upgrades. It has high miles and is need of a number of repairs. We won't be doing everything that the 90 needs this time around, but we will be tackling some of the glaring issues, like replacing the dying engine and replacing the rotted out rear cross-member.

On this page we are going to do things a little different than we usually do. We are going to do some "Before and After" images instead of our usual write up. Enjoy!

Seriously tired old 3.9 with numerous issues.

Out with the old...

in with the "new" engine that was a low miles take out from a diesel conversion.

Rear cross-member is shagged.

New galvanized unit installed, along with new fuel pump and stainless steel fuel lines.

Rust and corrosion on windscreen brackets and cage, hinges shot.

Brackets repainted and cage parts recoated.

New doors and new hinges.

Worn out seats.

New foams, trims and 2 stage seat heaters.

Cruddy cubby box.

New cubby box with Alpine head unit and iPod connection.

I guess somebody might call it a subwoofer. Notice the bent tire carrier and the rear bumper arrived in the back of the 90.

New 10" subwoofer in Rhino-Lined box and new JL Audio speakers.

Tire carrier and associated parts all re-coated and installed correctly.

Interior missing all kinds of stuff.

Interior and kick panels repaired and updated.

This shot shows the 90 looking much better and running and driving much better as well. The after is now much better than the before. The truck will now be transported back to NJ so that the owner can enjoy it. Here is what he had to say when he got the 90 back,
"Mike, Holly and team: My Defender 90 arrived this morning and took it for a little drive. Had it state inspected as well and pass with flying colors. The vehicle is impressive! Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me. I appreciate the information and advise you have given. Your expertise and help have been invaluable during the process."

Here at ECR it doesn't matter if you have a large job or a smaller project like this one.
If you want expert care for your Defender, don't settle for less.

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