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1993 Defender 110 Station Wagon #313/500

This restored 1993 Defender 110 was recently completed by ECR. Go here for some details on the project. The new owner wanted some upgrades to his restored NAS Wagon to make it even better. To that end we will be installing some essential off road goodies and a custom sound system with Sirius satellite radio. The 110 will be getting a new ECR ROX tie rod guard, recovery points and more.

To help the 110 handle everything from ranch chores to off road recovery, we are installing a new ROX front bumper and skid plate. This will allow us to mount the new Warn 9000 winch, keep the steering gear safe and even help keep the front end of the 110 from harm in off road situations. The removal of the stock front bumper means that we have to relocate the turn signals from the bumper to the fenders and you can see above we have already installed the signal conversion kit that makes this change look factory stock.

Here you can see we have installed an ECR ROX full tie rod guard. This unit will stand up to off road abuse and is so tough you can even jack up the truck by it if you wish. Unlike other ideas to protect the tie rod, our set up completely surrounds the tie rod to keep it from harm, no matter what the obstacle.

The new Warn 9000 has now been installed and the cable has been loaded up. To make for flexible winch use we have also added two ECR ROX recovery points to the bumper that will take a standard 5/8 shackle so that you can perform many off road recovery operations, from hooking on a simple strap to running a turning block for the winch set up.

Now that the majority of the dash is together and the speaker wires have been run during the 110s build up we can start to finalize the dash area and install the new Alpine CD head unit and the Sirius radio set up.

Here you can see that we have finished up the front bumper set up. The 3 Hella 4000 lamps have been installed and the shackles added to the ROX recovery points. This new set up will help the 110 do everything from winch out stranded cars to turn night into day on those long lonely roads.

Inside the Defender we have finished the sound system install. This 110 has a good, but basic, system that has a quality Alpine CD head that can also control the Sirius satellite radio system we installed. The system is simple and easy to use, and with the addition of our new style dash system in this 110 there is no need for a changer. The single CD system will work just fine in the new dash.

To round out the sound system we added a set of 6" Alpine speakers ate the back of the 110 in our custom rear speaker panels that were painted white to match the 110. This gives a nice clean look and factory appearance to the after-market sound system. We also added a pair of 6" speakers to the front doors to give good all over sound.

Also at the rear of the 110 we added a work/reverse light on our custom "behind the hinge" mount. We then set the Hella twin lamp work light up on it with a switch on the dash that makes it so you can have the lamp come on and off with the reverse light, turn it on manually, or turn it off totally. This makes for a very versatile set up and work wells when backing up a 110 on the trail at nigh or loading your camping gear.

Inside the 110 we installed a 1550 watt power inverter that will convert the 110s 12v power to 115v power so that the customer can run lap tops and other devices that ustilize household power while camping or working with the 110.

We located the inverter under the cubby box so that access to the 115v outlets is easy from the front or the back seat.

Here you can see the interior nearly complete. The Alpine 6" speakers have been installed in the doors and everything is installed. We only need to test drive the 110 now and make sure everything is 100% and then we will clean it up and get it ready for delivery to the customer in Montana.

Here you can see #313 completed. The 110 now has all the options and upgrades the customer desired and it is fully restored from top to bottom, front to back. There are no stones left unturned and no lurking damage or hidden corrosion anywhere on this Defender. It is for all purposes a brand new 110 that has been fitted with every upgrade in the book.
If you are looking for a Defender that has no flaws contact ECR. We'll be happy to make your Defender dreams a reality.

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