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1994 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top 4.6 V8 Install

This 1994 Defender 90 has come to us from only a few hours away for the installation of a new 4.6 V8 engine. The Rover is in pretty good shape, but as with any vehicle that is in its "teens" and has well over 100,000 miles, it needs some repairs and some service items to keep it in top form. The stock 3.9 V8 in this 90 has seen better days, so the owner decided to upgrade to the 4.6 rather than just installing another stock engine.

Here you can see the tired old 3.9 has been removed. Next we will strip down the engine and clean up the parts we are going to use on the new 4.6. Notice this D90 still has the old style oil cooler lines (hanging to left in the image). We'll be updating those as well with the latest stainless performance lines to eliminate the chance of an oil fire.

This image shows the brand new 4.6 ready for assembly and then install into the Defender.

Here you can see the new 4.6 nearly ready to be installed into the D90. This 4.6 has been assembled with some nice add ons as well, to make it work better and last longer. We have installed our performance injectors as well as our upgraded exhaust manifolds so that the Defender will make the most of this engine. Next we will install the new clutch parts and get the new engine installed, hooked up and fired up.

This image shows the new 4.6 installed in the 90. We have already hooked everything up, chipped the EFI computer (so it understands it has a 4.6, not a 3.9) and test run the engine. Everything is working 100% so it is time to move on to the customers desired upgrades.

One of the upgrades for this 90 is going to be a new winch mount bumper and winch, so we have removed the stock front bumper. Problem is that the 1994 Defender 90 had the front turn signals housed in the bumper. To make everything work correctly, and flash at the correct rate, we have installed new lower lamp units, that look exactly like the originals (as you can see above) but that have a dual filament bulb, therefore keeping the factory look of the 4 front parking lights, but also giving the lower unit a proper turn indicator.

Inside the 90 we have replaced the factory cubby box with a new Tuffy unit at the owners request. This makes for more secure storage and also makes for a nice arm rest for your RH arm. The factory cubby box is too low to use as an arm rest.

Here you can see we have installed the ARB front bumper and the new Warn 9000 winch. This set up will be able to tackle some off road fun and will also provide some protection for the vehicle from front end impacts, something that the weak factory brush bar did not offer. Also notice underneath the 90 that we have added a front diff guard, and we also installed one on the rear for superior damage protection. Confused about what to set up your D90 with? Check out this ECR web article.

This image shows the completed D90 project after road testing of the new 4.6 engine. The new 4.6 makes this soft top 90 really get up and go and the numerous other additions, everything from a winch bumper to performance oil lines, means that this 90 will be ready to tackle the street or the trail, making it one well rounded vehicle.
Here's what the customer had to say about it:
"Hi Mike,
Now that I've had a week to drive around in the truck, I wanted to extend a very big "Thank you" to you and the crew. That new 4.6 makes a world of difference! It's a real treat being able to drive uphill without having to change gears all the time! The truck runs like a charm, and I'm real happy with the other upgrades as well. As always, I'm very pleased with the work, and am looking forward to some future upgrades.
Thanks! Cheers,

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help make your Defender everything you want it to be.