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1995 NAS Defender 90 Soft Top
Service and Upgrades

This Defender 90 has come to us from Texas for some upgrades and a few general repairs. Overall the 90 is a very nice low mileage Rover and this is its second trip to ECR for upgrades and repairs. To see the first go-round take a look at this page.
We have already installed a new top and some other tricks on this Defender and now it is time for a few more changes.

The first step is to go over the vehicle and compare the new information with our last evaluation and then speak with the customer about what the 90 does and does not need. The 90 hasn't covered too many miles since its last visit, so this trip will be mostly routine maintenance to keep the 90 in top shape and some upgrades to make it better. Small items like a water pump that needs replacement and a fluid flush of the systems and some other basic repairs and maint..

To make sure the 90 never ends up "toasted" like these Defenders we have installed a set of ROX oil cooler lines that route the oil lines away from the hot exhaust manifold and are made with high performance parts to keep everything working well and keep the 90 as safe as possible from engine fires.

The owner also wanted to change the 90 to roll up window doors, so we have removed the split doors and prep'd and painted a new set of upgraded hinges so that everything stays looking good. We also installed a new stainless hardware kit to end the rust bleeds on the exterior of the body.

We have also removed the rear tire carrier and have stripped it for epoxy priming and paint to get rid of the rust on these parts. The third brake light hoop was too far gone to re-coat, so we have replaced the part with a new one for a fresh clean look.

This image shows the roll up window doors installed and adjusted to open and close easily. These are all set up with the correct locks so that all the old keys work with the new doors and all the small details like installing a new set of Alpine speakers in the doors to replace the old units that were damaged from the elements.

Here you can see the completed rear tire carrier installed on the 90. The epoxy primer will keep the rust at bay and will help this nice looking 90 stay that way. We have also upgraded the rear lights to our LED units for trouble free rear lighting and completed all the needed routine items to make the Defender ready for the owner.

This image shows the completed Defender 90 ready to head south for a summer of fun. The Rover has been fully gone through and repaired and/or upgraded as need be to make it ready for action. It will now be loaded on the transporter for delivery and back at some point in the future for more upgrades.

If you have needs for your Defender, from routine service to wild modifications, contact ECR. We'll be happy to help make your Defender everything you want it to be..

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